General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Master Class

Protection of personal data of EU Citizens has taken a major step forward with the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. The GDPR provides a framework for legal and secure processing of personal data and most of all provides EU citizens rights to control and manage their personal data. The impact of compliance with the GDPR will be felt on a global scale so there is a fair chance that your organization might be impacted.

Compliance with the GDPR requires your organization to set up a comprehensive and pragmatic compliance program. CTG can facilitate you by providing a training program that will give you the knowledge and concepts to set up your GDPR compliance program. Training is not only focussing on the legal aspects of the GDPR but also how data protection and information security concepts must be applied to ensure full compliance.


Currently no (other) upcoming dates are planned for this course

Course Objectives

The goal of the training program is to give you hands-on and practical knowledge on:

  • All aspects and concepts of the GDPR and;
  • The practical application of concepts in relation to data protection, information technology and security.

Each Participant wil have gained knowledge on the following topics:

  • Basics of the General Data Protection Regulation;
  • Tasks and Responsibilities of Controllers
  • Tasks and Responsibilities of Processors
  • Tasks and Responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Security and data breaches
  • Basics on Information security
  • IT infrastucture and the relationship with data protection and information security
  • Security, Privacy Tools and Controls
  • Cloud services and data privacy
  • Risk Assessment and Management and Data Privacy Impact Assessment
  • How to write Privacy Policies, Procedures and related Documents

Typical Audience

This course is designed for upcoming DPOs and other personnel responsible for the data protection of personal data who want to become more knowledgable on the governance, legal and procedural and technical aspects such as privacy and information security technology that is required to implement GDPR.

Course Prerequisites

A basic knowledge of English is required.

Course Delivery

The training is given in a classroom format and is structured in various modules to offer flexibility and to cater for participant needs and circumstances by considering prior learning and level of staff experience. The length of each module ranges from 4 to 8 hours and may include exercises, workshops, and formal assessments.

Courses can be given in English or in Dutch. Course material is in English.

Course Venue

This course can be given at the client’s site or at CTG.

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