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Within the IT industry, the use of workshop facilitation is the key to the production of high quality systems deliverables within compressed timescales. Elsewhere, workshop facilitation is seen increasingly as an integral technique within Change Management and Business Process Improvement. For each of these applications, the skills of the facilitator remain the single most critical factor when delivering successful workshops.

The CTG Facilitated Session Leader training course provides the ideal balance of background theory, practice and consultation required to enable a novice facilitator to prepare and run workshops effectively. The course is run by two experienced CTG facilitators, who strive to provide knowledge and experience tailored to the needs of the individual which is based upon actual practice, rather than pure theory.


Currently no (other) upcoming dates are planned for this course


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course you will have:

  • Understood the differences between a ‘meeting’ and a ‘workshop’ and the value of facilitation as a skill
  • Learned the three basic stages of running facilitated workshops - Preparation, Delivery and Follow-up
  • Been introduced to a range of tools and techniques that support each of the three stages
  • Had an opportunity to practice the techniques in a safe and supportive environment

Typical Audience

This course is intended for all IT and business change professionals. It is ideally suited for Project Managers , IT Specialists and Business Analysts who are working in Agile teams, on tight deadlines and engaging multiple stakeholders.

Course Prerequisites

These prerequisites are not mandatory, but preferably participants should have a working knowledge of Windows, websites and browsers; and testing concepts.

Course Delivery

Approximately 50% of the class is devoted to lab exercises.

Throughout the course, an experienced trainer delivers lectures and leads the group through a set of facilitation exercises based on real world projects.

Course delivery and course materials are in English.

Course Venue

The course duration is 3 days.

The course can be delivered at either a client’s site or at CTG premises.

Course Administration


Exact price available upon request.
The course requires a minimum of 6 particpants. Maximum is 8 particpants.


By Participant: If a subscribed course participant is replaced by another participant or if the course is postponed to a later date, no cancellation costs apply. A participant or a group that fails to attend, or that cancels a course without at least 15 working days written notice prior to the course start, is liable for the full subscription cost.

By CTG: CTG reserves the right to cancel a course at any time.

Course Logistics

All classroom courses begin promptly at 9 am and are scheduled until 5 pm. All courses are delivered at the CTG premises or at an alternative site when a corporate client purchases a complete training course for its own staff. Please contact us if you require further information.

The standard language of each course is English.

* Prices subject to VAT

Course Outlines

  • What are Facilitated Workshops?
  • Preparing a Workshop
  • Practice Sessions
  • Evening: Personal Preparation
  • Workshop Delivery
  • Workshop Follow-Up
  • Practice Sessions
  • Evening: Personal Preparation

Practice Workshop Delivery

Meet our trainers

CTG's trainers are experts in their domain and bring the course content based on their experience. Meet some of our trainers below.

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