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Application Performance Management: Awareness

This course will provide you with an understanding of the basic concepts of Application Performance Management. It will give you the background and recent evolutions in this area, and allow you to understand the concepts of the “New Normal” in the Digital Age.

The course will focus on the value and importance of performance for the end users, and will allow you to understand its significance and its impact on your own business and reputation.

It will illustrate how basic concepts of APM and DevOps are aligned, and highlight the need for focussing on APM in today’s age of the hybrid cloud.


Currently no (other) upcoming dates are planned for this course


Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to ensure all participants reach the same level of understanding and provide them with a clear framework for APM/ DPM activities in a professional environment.

It will provide them with a common language of industry terminology, and enable them to have a clear view on the DPM mindset and objectives.

Finally, it will set them on the way to obtaining the APM Industry Foundation certificate.

Typical Audience

Anyone who is in some way involved with Applications and Application Performance.

This implies everyone working in the Application Development LifeCycle, whether they are a part of Development, Testing or Operations departments, but also other stakeholders who are not necessarily part of an IT organisation ( typically roles like Service Owners, Business Relationship Managers,…)

Course Prerequisites

No specific prerequisites are required.

Course Delivery

During this course, an APM expert will provide lectures, combined with examples from real life.

Course can be given in English or Dutch. Course material is in English

Course Venue

The course duration is 1 day.
This course can be given at the client’s site or at CTG.

Course Outlines

  • The APM basics
    • What is Application Performance Monitoring / Digital Performance Monitoring (APM / DPM)?
    • Why APM / DPM?
  • Approaches to APM/ DPM
  • APM, DevOps, and Performance Maturity
  • Customer Experience in the Digital Age
  • How to pick an APM Solution?

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